Check out our newest tab - Online Store! Non-perishable items are now available online.

*New Product: Cow's milk! We have fresh raw milk from happy, healthy Holsteins available now. Prices are the same as goat milk. 


We have scented and unscented soap. Scents available now include: cucumber melon, cedar wood, apple crisp, and strawberry. Bars range from 2 ounces to 8 ounces. We have gift baskets and multipacks. We also sell our "duds" for $2 each. These could include soaps that didn't come out of the mold properly, or broke sometime between curing and packaging.

2-5 ounce bars:  $2.50 - $3.50 

6-8 ounce bars: $4 - $5
Multipacks: $6

Gift baskets : $6-$15

*New! Peppermint body scrub. 4oz. $5 each.

*New! Lotion bars. Cherry Almond. 1.6oz. $4 each.

*New! Whipped shea butter. Cherry Almond. 4oz. $7 each.

Gallon: $6
Half gallon: $3
Quart: $2

We can send you with our jars for a refundable deposit, or bring your own containers.

$2 per quart.

$3 per half gallon.

Mountain View Dairy Goats

Registered Saanen dairy goats



Farm fresh products delivered to your door, or within a reasonable distance! 

Due to increased interest, we will now be offering delivery of milk and other products! No added fee as long as you are within the route, or are willing to meet close by.

Delivery Schedule:

Monday: Barnstead area. 

Wednesday AM: Barrington, Rochester, Dover.

Saturday AM: Alton Circle, Bow Blue Seal. 

Please call or email with your order and location if you would like to join in on this great service. 

We will be offering our bucks for live cover on our farm. Please check out the "Bucks" tab for information who is available. 
This year the service fee will be $60 per doe. Discounts available for 5 or more does. 

Does must be healthy and CAE free. 

We offer disbudding on kids 2 weeks old and younger. Please bring them as soon as you feel buds popping through! This could be as young as 2 days and as old as 2 weeks. If there is already a horn showing through, or if the horns are too big to fit in my iron, the kid will likely to get scurs and I will not burn them. 
​$15 per kid. 5+ kid discount of $10 per kid. 


Using the banding method, we can wether bucks 2-3 month old or younger. $5 each. 


Hoof trimming services are offered for $15 per sheep/goat. 6+ head discount for $10 per animals. Please make sure there is someone available to either hold the  animal while being trimmed, or offer a head lock/milking stand/stocks. 

We will travel to you for disbudding, wethering, and hoof trims for a fee. $10-$20 within 30 minutes. Farther than 30 minutes, please contact us with number of animals and zip code.